Hope dwindles for 44 trapped in South Africa building collapse

Relatives of the 44 construction workers trapped beneath the rubble of a collapsed building in George, South Africa, faced another day of agonizing uncertainty. As heavy machinery continued its efforts to uncover any survivors, the clock ticked against diminishing hopes.

Out of the 81 individuals present during the collapse of the five-story structure on Monday, eight have been confirmed dead, while 29 have been found alive. Among the survivors, 16 remain in critical condition, according to updates from the George municipality.

Although the identities of the missing workers have not been disclosed, families have gathered at the site since the tragedy, anxiously awaiting any news. An atmosphere of desperation pervades as loved ones cling to hope amidst the chaos.

At the scene, heavy equipment works tirelessly to clear the debris, transforming the once-standing building into a jumbled mass of rubble. Search dogs scour the area, aiding in the search efforts.

The city of George has rallied in solidarity, with local businesses offering assistance and volunteers providing support to both waiting relatives and rescue workers. Despite initial reports of hearing trapped survivors, updates on the rescue operation remain scarce.

As investigations into the cause of the collapse continue, President Cyril Ramaphosa has urged for a thorough inquiry into the incident.

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