Mali flights grounded due to fuel shortage

Passengers faced travel chaos in Mali on Wednesday as several domestic airlines suspended flights due to a critical fuel shortage. The National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) warned that the situation could persist for several days, impacting both domestic and international travel.

Sky Mali, a local private airline, was among the first to announce flight cancellations. In a statement, the company attributed the disruptions to “fuel supply issues” plaguing the Modibo Keita Senou International Airport in Bamako. Sky Mali apologized for the inconvenience and assured passengers they were working towards a swift resumption of flights.

ANAC Director General Col. Yaya Toure confirmed the fuel shortage, specifically a lack of jet A1 fuel, in a separate statement. He urged airlines to proactively inform passengers about rescheduling options or exploring alternative routes.Toure indicated that the situation may not improve until July 15th.

The fuel shortage has sparked frustration among Malians. Many voiced concerns about the mismanagement of fuel reserves, particularly given the ongoing political instability following a recent coup. Mamadou Ismaila Konate, a prominent lawyer and former Malian Minister of Justice, criticized the lack of accountability and transparency surrounding the fuel crisis.

“This shortage, unforeseen or not, highlights issues with poor planning and administration of essential resources,” Konate stated. He called for a thorough investigation to identify the root cause of the problem and prevent similar disruptions in the future.

The fuel shortage casts a shadow over Mali’s air travel industry. While airlines scramble to adjust their schedules, stranded passengers and delayed cargo shipments paint a picture of a transportation network in disarray. The coming days will be crucial as Malian authorities strive to resolve the fuel crisis and restore normalcy to air travel.

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