Moroccan police seize 18.2 tonnes of cannabis in major bust

Moroccan police seized 18.243 tonnes of cannabis resin in the coastal town of Sidi Rehal, south of Casablanca, on Monday. Five individuals were arrested during the operation as they were unloading the illegal substance from a truck into rapid inflatable boats, according to a police statement.

Authorities have launched an investigation into the arrested individuals’ connections with local and international drug trafficking networks.

This operation is part of Morocco’s intensified crackdown on drug trafficking in recent months. In March, police seized 10.7 tonnes of cannabis in the Atlantic coast city of Agadir. Additionally, in June, authorities confiscated 19.5 tonnes of cannabis resin hidden in a truck loaded with octopus destined for Spain.

Although Morocco is a major cannabis producer and has permitted the cultivation, export, and use of the drug for medicinal and industrial purposes since 2021, recreational use remains illegal.

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