Moroccans urge gov’t to block weapons shipping to Israel

A Moroccan activist group has urged the government to block the Japanese-owned cargo ship Vertom Odette, suspected of transporting weapons to Israel, from passing through its territorial waters.

The commercial ship, sailing under the flag of Luxembourg, departed India on April 18 and is expected to arrive at the Spanish port of Cartagena on Wednesday, as reported by the Moroccan Front for Supporting Palestine and Opposing Normalization.

In a letter, the group expressed concerns that the ship was carrying weapons for Israel and urged swift action to prevent Morocco’s implication in war crimes.

The group cited a recent International Court of Justice decision warning governments against supplying weapons to Israel, linking such actions to complicity in genocide against Palestinians.

The plea has garnered significant online support, with hundreds calling on authorities to prevent the ship’s passage.

This comes amid widespread international protests against Israel’s ongoing offensive in Gaza since an Oct. 7, 2023 attack, resulting in over 36,500 Palestinian deaths and severe humanitarian crises.

Israel has been accused of genocide by the International Court of Justice, which has demanded an immediate halt to its operations in Rafah, where over a million Palestinians have sought refuge.

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