Nigerian gunmen want negotiations after abducting dozens

Gunmen who abducted 105 individuals in northwest Nigeria last week have reportedly expressed their desire for negotiations with the Zamfara state government rather than seeking ransom payments, as disclosed by five families of the victims who were contacted by the armed assailants on Monday.

This incident adds to the ongoing terror inflicted by armed gangs in northern Nigeria, who have been targeting villagers, students, and motorists for ransom.

The attack occurred in the villages of Gora, Madomawa, and Jambuzu in Zamfara’s Birnin-Magaji local government area on Friday night, where the gunmen seized dozens of residents.

Bello Mohammed, whose wife, three children, and young brother were among those taken from Gora, recounted receiving a call on Saturday night from the perpetrators, who emphasized their lack of interest in monetary demands. Instead, they urged him and others to relay a message to the state governor, expressing their willingness to engage in negotiations with the government for the release of the hostages.

While the specific details of these negotiations were not disclosed by the abductors, several families confirmed receiving similar calls.

Wadatau Adamu, whose four daughters were abducted, highlighted the frequency of such attacks in rural and remote villages like Gora, where the presence of security forces is limited.

“We have passed their message to our leaders. We are looking forward to any decision that will be taken,” he said.

Additional residents also reported receiving similar communication from the perpetrators, underscoring the anguish and desperation felt by those affected.

Expressing his profound distress, Sanusi Musa, whose wife and two children were missing, emphasized the paramount importance of his family.

Zamfara’s information commissioner, Mannir Kaura, was unavailable for comment. However, in a statement dated May 11, Kaura denounced certain individuals advocating for negotiations with the kidnapping gangs, asserting that the Zamfara state government has rebuffed any peace accord initiatives proposed by such groups.

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