Senegal, Guinea-Bissau border partially closed after Eid clashes

Guinea-Bissau has partially closed its border with Senegal in an attempt to quell tensions following deadly clashes between two Muslim communities over a local mosque.

President Umaro Sissoco Embalo announced the closure on Wednesday, stating it was a response to violence that erupted in the Senegalese town of Medina Gounass on Monday, Eid al-Fitr. 

The clashes, rooted in a long-standing dispute over control of the town’s main mosque, resulted in one fatality and injuries to around 20 people.

According to President Embalo, one of the feuding communities sought reinforcements from within Guinea-Bissau. 

To prevent the situation from escalating further, he ordered the closure of a specific section of the border. 

He assured the public that security forces were taking all necessary measures to enforce the closure.

Senegal and Guinea-Bissau share a lengthy border stretching over 300 kilometers. 

Medina Gounass, located just a few kilometers from Guinea-Bissau, is a prominent pilgrimage site that attracts thousands of Muslims for an annual 10-day religious gathering. 

The partial border closure raises concerns about potential disruptions to cross-border movement in the region.

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