Uganda military neutralizes IS-linked militant group’s commander

Uganda’s military has neutralized a commander from an Islamic State (IS)-affiliated group in the Democratic Republic of Congo where it has been jointly engaged with the Congolese military in a pursuit of these militants for nearly two years.

The rebel faction known as the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) has maintained its stronghold in the jungles of eastern Congo for over two decades.

The group carries out attacks within Congo and occasionally extend their attacks across the border into Uganda.

The commander, identified solely by the name Fazul, was a Tanzanian national primarily active in the Mwalika valley within the North Kivu province of eastern Congo.

The ADF, initially established as a rebel group in Uganda, initiated its attacks in the 1990s within the western region. Subsequently, it was swiftly defeated by the Ugandan military, compelling its fighters to flee across the border into Congo, where they have since established their base of operations.

In December 2021, the Ugandan military, in collaboration with Congolese forces, initiated a joint operation against the insurgents. However, the outcome of this operation has been a blend of successes and challenges.

“The joint forces continue to pursue these terrorists from all corners of the jungles,” Uganda’s military said in the statement, adding that ADF fighters who are willing to surrender will be given amnesty.

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