Google to offer digital skills training to 20,000 Nigerians

Google intends to offer training to 20,000 Nigerian women and youth in digital skills, along with a grant of 1.2 billion naira ($1.6 million) to support the government’s initiative in generating one million digital jobs in the country, according to the company’s African executives on Tuesday.

During a meeting in Abuja, Nigeria’s Vice President Kashim Shettima informed Google Africa executives about the nation’s intentions to generate digital employment opportunities for its large youth population.

However, Shettima did not offer a specific timeline for the job creation initiative.

A grant from Google’s philanthropic arm, in collaboration with Data Science Nigeria and the Creative Industry Initiative for Africa, will support the program, according to Google Africa executives.

Shettima emphasized that Google’s initiative is in line with the government’s dedication to enhancing youth engagement in the digital economy. He also noted that the government is collaborating with the nation’s banks for the project.

Olumide Balogun, Google’s Director for West Africa, conveyed that the company is set to allocate funds and impart digital skills to Nigerian women and young individuals.

Charles Murito, Google Africa’s Director of Government Relations and Public Policy, emphasized Google’s dedication to investing in digital infrastructure throughout Africa. He further highlighted during the meeting that digital transformation has the potential to serve as a catalyst for job opportunities.

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