Netflix commits to amplifying African voices

In a move aimed at fostering emerging talent and amplifying narratives that resonate both locally and internationally, online streaming giant Netflix has announced significant investments in Africa.

Ben Amadasun, Netflix’s Vice President of Content for Africa and the Middle East, revealed the company’s commitment to nurturing well-crafted local stories during the Forbes Under 30 Summit Africa held in Gaborone, Botswana.

According to Amadasun, the surge in investment by international players in local content creation is pivotal for the growth of African industries.

He emphasized the importance of African audiences seeing authentic portrayals of their lives, cultures, and languages on screen, stating that such representation is long overdue.

Highlighting the potential for global success, Amadasun noted that locally cherished productions often find traction internationally.

This strategy aligns with Netflix’s broader approach to diversifying its production portfolio, as evidenced by the success of series like “Money Heist” from Spain and “Squid Game” from South Korea.

The impact of African storytelling on the global stage was underscored by the triumph of South Africa’s “Blood and Water,” which became the first show from the country to claim the number one spot in the United States.

Ama Qamata, one of the stars of the acclaimed series, was among the honorees on the 2024 Africa Forbes 30 under 30 list, recognized for her significant contributions to the industry.

Joining the ranks of successful African productions are titles like South Africa’s “Heart of the Hunter,” Nigeria’s “The Black Book,” and “Young, Famous and African.”

Netflix’s commitment to the continent extends beyond content creation, as evidenced by plans to expand operations and invest in skills development initiatives.

Amadasun hinted at an exciting lineup of African content slated for release in the coming months, signaling a promising future for African storytelling on the global stage.

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