India’s T20 World Cup champs to share $15 million prize

India’s cricket team is celebrating a historic victory at the T20 World Cup, not only with the coveted trophy but also with a hefty reward.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) announced a prize money of 125 crore rupees ($14.9 million) to be shared by the entire team, including players, coaches, and support staff.

This generous sum translates to roughly $600,000 per person if divided equally, a fitting recognition of their “exceptional talent, determination, and sportsmanship” throughout the tournament, as stated by BCCI secretary Jay Shah.

The win marks a significant milestone for India, ending a decade of setbacks in crucial knockout stages of major cricket tournaments.

The BCCI’s prize money comes on top of the record-breaking $11.25 million prize pool offered by the International Cricket Council (ICC) for the T20 World Cup.

As champions, India will receive a share of $2.45 million from this pool, which includes bonuses and is the highest payout in the tournament’s history. The runner-up, South Africa, will take home $1.28 million.

News of the victory sent jubilant waves across India, a nation known for its fervent passion for cricket.

Fans, clad in the team’s signature blue, poured onto the streets in major cities like New Delhi, honking their cars and bikes in a celebratory frenzy that stretched into the night.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself took to social media to congratulate the team, commending their “excellent skill and spirit.” With this triumph, India’s cricketers have cemented their place in history and ignited a nationwide celebration.

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