11 dead in Nile state due to floods as number of IDP’s in Sudan hits 7.1...

Government sources in Sudan said that 11 people have lost their lives in various areas in the Nile River State in the north of the country due to floods and rain. Meanwhile, the number of internally displaced people due to the conflict has reached nearly 7.1 million, surpassing the number of displaced people in any other country around the world.

The Red Crescent reported that the floods affected more than 72,000 people and caused material damage in seven states.

In South Darfur state, rainwater submerged large parts of a displaced persons camp in Nyala city, as well as some neighbourhoods in the city.

An armed conflict erupted between the Sudanese army and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) in mid-April, leading to waves of internal and external displacement.

The displaced face risks of malnutrition, floods and scorpion bites and rely on meagre relief aid to survive as assistance from host communities dwindles.

United Nations figures indicate that more than 5.25 million people out of Sudan’s total population of 49 million have been displaced since the start of the conflict.

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