12 killed, 4 injured in traffic accident in eastern Sudan

The Sudanese police reported a traffic accident between a large bus and a small one on the Al-Qadarif road, resulting in the death of 12 individuals and injuring four.

The police stated in a Facebook post that “a traffic accident occurred between a large passenger bus (belonging to the Khutwah Company) coming from the Gezira State to the Red Sea State, travelling from west to east, and a smaller bus coming from the village of Um Ali on its way to the city of Al-Qadarif, travelling from east to west.”

“Upon reaching the Al-Malik Street intersection, the driver of the smaller bus entered the lane of the larger bus heading south, resulting in a collision between the two buses. This caused the smaller bus to overturn and roll off the asphalt, leading to the unfortunate death of 12 passengers, including an infant whose identity is still being determined. Additionally, four other passengers suffered serious injuries.” The statement added.

According to the police press office, the traffic police in Al-Qadarif provided first aid to the injured and transported the deceased to Al-Qadarif Hospital. Investigations indicate that the primary causes of the accident were excessive speed and reckless driving by the bus driver.

Subsequently, traffic flow resumed on the road, and necessary legal and traffic procedures were taken.

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