50 houses collapse in Sudan’s Nile River State due to heavy rains

Approximately 50 houses collapsed completely in the Qadu area of the Nile State in the northern part of Sudan on Tuesday due to heavy rains that hit the city.

The Civil Defense forces in the Nile State of Sudan reported that heavy rains in the cities of Atbara and Ad-Damar resulted in the death of 4 people and injuries to others, while the rising levels of the seasonal Dinder River in the Sennar State in the southeast of the country threaten agricultural lands and homes.

It was reported that the cities of Atbara and Ad-Damar experienced heavy rains accompanied by strong winds that lasted throughout Monday night.

The Director of the Civil Defense forces in the state, Colonel Abdullah Suleiman, stated that the rains caused a military barracks in Atbara to collapse, resulting in the death of a woman and three children. He confirmed the retrieval of the bodies and the removal of water from the building.

The rains in Ad-Damar caused a house in the Al-Hilat Al-Jadida neighbourhood to collapse, resulting in the death of one child and the rescue of another.

He also mentioned that the Civil Defense forces are currently working on removing water from the Atbara power station after it was submerged by rainwater.

The Civil Defense in Atbara managed to remove water from the Al-Murabaa neighbourhood, Atbara Prison, and several main streets.”

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