African Union: We meet with all parties in Sudan to resolve crisis

The African Union (AU) has confirmed that it meets with all civil, military, and social parties in Sudan as part of its efforts to resolve the crisis as the Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs criticized the meeting between the head of the AU Commission, Moussa Faki, and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF).

The AU stated in a press release: “In its approach to the ongoing crisis in Sudan, the African Union engages with all civil, military, and social parties, including elements of the former regime in 2019, despite strong objections from some forces that ousted that regime.”

It further clarified that these engagements aim to “consult with these parties and encourage them to courageously and wisely work towards ending the destructive conflict in Sudan and engaging in a comprehensive national dialogue that is inclusive.”

This reflects the AU’s commitment to mediating and finding a peaceful resolution to the crisis in Sudan by involving all relevant parties in the dialogue process.

The AU has affirmed its commitment to working alongside African and Arab brothers, as well as its international partners, to develop a political path built on strength and methodology based on the principles and decisions of the continental organization.

Youssef Ezzat, an advisor to the leader of the (RSF), had mentioned on the “X” platform last Sunday that he met with Moussa Faki in Addis Ababa, in the presence of the director of the AU Commission Chief’s office, Mohamed El Hassan Ould Labat.

The Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed its rejection and condemnation of the meeting between Moussa Faki and the representative of the RSF, describing the meeting as a “dangerous precedent” in the AU’s actions.

The ministry stated that the meeting “equates to granting armed opposition movements and militias an undeserved legitimacy,” adding that this represents a “direct threat to the sovereignty of member states and the security and stability of the entire continent.”

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