42 civilians killed in ‘heinous’ army massacre in Nyala, says RSF

Fighting between the Sudan army and RSF in Nyala on Tuesday killed at least 42 civilians when army artillery strikes hit civilian homes, RSF and witnesses said.

“The Al-Burhan coup militia and the remnants of the defunct regime committed a heinous massacre against innocent civilians in the city of Nyala, capital of South Darfur state, killing 42 people and wounding dozens,” the group announced in a statement on X.

“The entire members of five families were killed in a single day,” Gouja Ahmed, a human rights activist originally from Nyala confirmed.

RSF said the army had ‘indiscriminately’ targeted neighborhoods in eastern Nyala with heavy artillery killing 42 people, mostly women and children.

Online images displayed numerous bodies lying on the ground, draped in shrouds, along with individuals placing the deceased into a sizable grave.

“The indiscriminate shelling by the remnants, which has been going on for days, killed entire families and injured dozens.”

Most of the residents in eastern neighborhoods of Nyala had to “flee their homes,” RSF said.

The group added that it had evacuated a number of wounded to health centers and field hospitals, and called on all “human rights organizations to assume their responsibilities in condemning this heinous crime.”

According to the Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project’s cautious calculations, the conflict has led to the deaths of nearly 5,000 individuals.

However, the actual count is believed to be considerably greater, and the United Nations reports that over 4.6 million individuals have been uprooted due to the conflict, both within and beyond the borders of Sudan.

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