Egypt takes steps to resolve truck congestion issue at border with Sudan

Egyptian Ministry of Transport announced on Thursday measures to address the problem of truck congestion at the border crossings with Sudan, including the establishment of two logistical zones.

Kamel Al-Wazir, the Egyptian Minister of Transport, contacted his Sudanese counterpart through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to take the necessary steps to expedite the entry and exit of trucks between Egypt and Sudan, ministry said.

The statement, published by the Egyptian Prime Minister’s Office, attributed this congestion to “the slow pace of completing procedures at the Sudanese counterparts (Argeen Sudan – Eshkeet Sudan) border crossings.”

The statement attributed the truck congestion to a “lack of alignment” between the working hours at the Egyptian crossings of Argeen and Qustul, which operate 24 hours a day, and the working hours at the Sudanese crossings, which, it said, work for four to five hours a day.

Two mini-logistics zones have been established in Wadi Karakar and Abu Simbel “to facilitate the passage of Egyptian vehicles heading to Sudan, with these areas providing various catering services.” The Ministry of Transport explained.

The ministry also emphasized ongoing coordination with the Sudanese side “to expedite procedures and allow vehicles that have completed their procedures on the Egyptian side to enter, thus facilitating the passage of other vehicles.”

Furthermore, the ministry stated its commitment to providing the necessary logistical support to drivers continuously and around the clock until they cross into the Sudanese side.

At least 15 Egyptian truck drivers lost their lives in the congested border area between Egypt and Sudan in the past weeks to extreme temperatures.

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