FAO plans to provide seeds to 10 million Sudanese to combat food insecurity

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) plans to provide seeds to over 10 million Sudanese for the upcoming winter and summer seasons to combat food insecurity.

On July 13th of this year, FAO distributed 10,000 tons of maize, sorghum, groundnut, and sesame seeds to one million farmers for cultivation in the upcoming summer season, with the harvest expected to begin in October.

The FAO launched an emergency plan on Tuesday to support livelihoods and combat food insecurity in Sudan. The plan aims to provide communities with seeds, livelihood support, emergency livelihood kits and veterinary supplies.

According to the organization, under this plan, 10.1 million people will receive certified quality seeds and training to adopt good agricultural practices, including better handling of agricultural produce after harvest.

The United Nations reports that 20.3 million Sudanese people are experiencing severe hunger, including over 6 million people on the brink of famine. Humanitarian organizations are facing significant challenges in delivering aid.

According to the statement, the plan includes support for vulnerable individuals who have lost their productive assets through the formation of animal herds. It also involves implementing vaccination campaigns to protect 6 million sheep and goats and prevent prevalent and deadly diseases from spreading.

The organization stated that it aims to assist 50,000 people, including around 10,000 fishing families, by distributing boats and fishing equipment and providing training that includes preserving local economies. The plan requires $123 million in funding.

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