More than 200 tons of medical aid from Gulf, Egypt to Sudan

Port Sudan’s northern port received over 200 tons of medical aid aboard the naval vessel Abu Simbel 2 as the Governor of the Red Sea State Fathallah El Haj commended the continuous support provided to Sudan by the Arab League, emphasizing its effectiveness, particularly in alleviating the suffering caused by the ongoing conflict.

Sudan’s Federal Minister of Health, Dr. Haitham Mohamed Ibrahim, acknowledged the continuous support from Arab and brotherly nations, which has significantly helped bridge the gaps created by the war. He also praised non-governmental organizations in Arab countries, particularly the Red Crescent, for their enduring presence.

Egypt’s Ambassador to Sudan, Hani Salah, noted that the warship carried 200 to 220 tons of aid for the Sudanese people, a collaborative effort between Egypt, Kuwait, and the Arab League, facilitated through the Red Crescent societies in both Egypt and Kuwait. Salah added that this support, directed at 13 Sudanese states, was under the direct supervision of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi and the Minister of Defense.

Salah praised Sudanese government officials who monitored the ship’s journey, officially receiving it upon its arrival, and emphasized that this aid was not the first of its kind.

He expressed hope that Sudan would swiftly overcome its current situation and called upon God to bring stability to the nation. He said that Egypt was the first country to operate flights to Sudan since the outbreak of the war, underscoring the return of normalcy to Sudanese life.

Jamal El Nil, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Social Development and Chairman of the Emergency and Crisis Committee in Sudan stated that this support is part of a long-standing Arab commitment to Sudan.

He affirmed the robust relations between Sudan and Arab nations, especially given Sudan’s challenging circumstances resulting from the war, which require support from all quarters.

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