Rains destroy more than 6,500 homes in Sudan’s River Nile State

Afaf Taj Al-Sir Mohamed, the Humanitarian Aid Commissioner for the River Nile State, urged organizations and charitable entities to expedite assistance to alleviate the damage caused by floods and rains in the River Nile State.

She stated that the number of those affected in the state during the current autumn reached 6,542 homes, including 3,844 complete collapses and 2,698 partial collapses.

The Humanitarian Commissioner emphasized the urgent need to provide tents, tarpaulins, food items, blankets, mosquito nets, and mattresses for the affected individuals. She disclosed that the damages in the localities of Ad-Damar amounted to 3,277 complete collapses and 4,181 partial collapses.

Afaf explained that the severe damage in Shendi Locality reached 136 complete collapses and 186 partial collapses, with the majority of the affected homes located in the Salama West area, with 222 completely collapsed houses, and Salama East with 125 completely collapsed houses. The damages in Atbara Locality amounted to 45 complete collapses and 245 partial collapses.

Furthermore, the Commissioner highlighted that the locality of Al-Buhayra, impacted by rains, floods, and storms, saw 517 houses affected, including 14 damaged houses. The significant damages were mainly in the administrative unit of Kab East in Al-Buhayra Locality in the River Nile State.

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