RSF achieves ‘decisive’ victory in Sennar state’s Al-Dinder

The Rapid Support Forces (RSF) have announced a decisive victory in Al-Dinder, Sennar state, marking their second recapture of the area in less than a week following intense clashes with General al-Burhans forces (SAF) and allied jihadi groups.

The Sudanese army and its allies claimed control over Al-Dinder, located west of Singa, the capital of Sennar state on July 4.

This declaration came just two days after the RSF initially seized the area on July 2.

In a statement released on Friday, the RSF reported that their forces achieved a sweeping victory against the Burhan militia, the Islamic Movement battalions, and joint forces.

RSF said it has full control of the strategic Al-Dinder area and inflicted heavy losses in both personnel and equipment against SAF.

The RSF’s statement detailed the capture of nine vehicles equipped with military gear and the destruction of seven additional vehicles. They also reported seizing various weapons and ammunition and killing over 170 enemy combatants.

The RSF also announced the capture of two key military figures: the commander of the army’s mobile unit and the leader of the joint forces from the allied armed groups.

Video footage broadcasted by the RSF purportedly shows their forces on the Al-Dinder bridge, a critical juncture leading to a dirt road connecting the states of Sennar and Gedaref.

Al-Dinder, located on the border between Sennar and Gedaref states in eastern Sudan, is approximately 25 kilometers east of Singa.

It holds strategic importance as it links Sennar and the Blue Nile areas with the eastern Sudan region.

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