RSF says Bahri Thermal Electricity Station hit by extremist forces

Sudan’s RSF announced on Sunday that extremist brigades from the Islamic Movement and their allies in the General Burhan’s forces (SAF) bombed the Bahri Thermal Electricity Station, igniting a fire in a deliberate attempt to destroy crucial strategic infrastructure.

RSF stated that the bombing of the Bahri Thermal Electricity Station violates international humanitarian laws and ethics of warfare, reflecting the frustration of Burhan militias and Islamic Movement brigades amidst ongoing defeats on multiple fronts.

RSF condemned the terrorist practices and urged international and regional organizations to denounce the crimes committed by Islamic Movement brigades and General Burhan’s forces (SAF), targeting population displacement and essential service deprivation.

Since mid-April 2023, conflict involving the Sudanese army and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) has claimed approximately 13,900 lives and displaced more than 8.5 million Sudanese, according to UN reports, marking one of the largest displacement crises since World War II.

Despite international mediation efforts, the conflict has persisted into its second year, exacerbating Sudan’s humanitarian plight.

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