South Sudan hosts Sudan army units after fall of Meram

South Sudan is hosting units of the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) following the fall of Meram, a town in West Kordofan, Sudan, leading to significant civilian displacement.

Major General Angon Ungom, commander of the South Sudan People’s Defence Forces (SSPDF), told Sudan Tribune that the security situation in Northern Bahr el Ghazal State is under control, except for the presence of SAF units that withdrew from Meram.

Meram, located about 60 kilometers from the South Sudan border, fell to the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) amid ongoing conflict with the Sudanese army. This follows the RSF’s recent capture of Al-Fula, the capital of West Kordofan State.

Aweil East County Commissioner Ding Aher Ngong confirmed the SAF units’ withdrawal to Warguet and Majak Wuoi, noting that the 92nd Brigade’s commander, a Brigadier General, accompanied them.

He assured that the SAF units are now under South Sudan’s control while awaiting further directives.

The conflict in Meram has caused widespread displacement, exacerbating the humanitarian situation in Northern Bahr el Ghazal State. Local authorities reported a significant influx of refugees, straining resources and leading to shortages of clean water, essential supplies, and medical services.

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