Sudan grapples with crime surge amidst post-war challenges

In the aftermath of the outbreak of war in April 2023, Sudan is grappling with a surge in criminal activities, posing significant challenges for authorities.

According to Brigadier General Fath al-Rahman Muhammad Tom, a police spokesman, over 50,000 complaints were registered between June 2023 and April 15, 2024, painting a grim picture of the security situation in the country.

The complaints span a range of offenses, with car thefts topping the list at 37,000 cases, followed by over 13,000 reports of financial crimes.

Additionally, the war has resulted in a disturbing increase in disappearances, with 163 cases reported, as well as 49 incidents of self-harm and other violent acts.

The toll on law enforcement personnel and infrastructure is severe, with casualties among police forces still being assessed and extensive damage to police stations, buildings, and public service centers reported.

The full financial impact of the war is yet to be determined.

In response to the security crisis, the Khartoum State Police have launched a plan to enhance security in the Karari locality. This initiative involves joint patrols with the armed forces and intelligence services, as well as the establishment of new outposts and the reactivation of criminal investigation departments.

Currently, seven police stations in Karari are operational, actively receiving reports and combating crime. Efforts are also underway to rehabilitate police stations in Omdurman to bolster security measures.

The Central Reserve Police Forces are playing a crucial role in securing Karari and Omdurman through joint patrols and the establishment of fixed and mobile outposts. Brigadier General Tom underscored the importance of the police in maintaining security in these areas.

This report underscores the dire consequences of the war on Sudan’s security landscape. The Sudanese government faces a monumental challenge in restoring order and ensuring the safety of its citizens in the wake of these developments.

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