Sudanese military and allies accused of atrocities in el Fasher

As part of its ongoing efforts to incite sedition and civil war in Darfur, the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and allied extremist groups, continued their indiscriminate artillery shelling on RSF positions resulting in numerous civilian casualties, Sudan’s Rapid Support Forces (RSF) said on Thursday.

RSF says its forces were able to inflict heavy casualties on enemy forces and also seized five military vehicles.

 “Attackers fled to take refuge among innocent civilians,” RSF added.

The true nature of the opposing forces becomes clearer each day as they loot banks and steal depositors’ funds and gold from markets in el Fasher, RSF said.

“The opportunistic mercenary forces of Minni Arko Minawi have also deliberately stolen humanitarian aid and subsidies, diverting them to the headquarters of the SAF Sixth Infantry Division in North Darfur,” the Sudanese group said.

RSF added that these acts of theft and violations against civilians reflect the deep-rooted corruption and terror of the group that seized power over 30 years ago. 

“The Rapid Support Forces closely monitors the vile actions of the SAF and its extremist allies linked to the former regime, documenting their heinous crimes against humanity,” RSF said.

RSF underlined that the indiscriminate shelling of residential areas in el Fasher and other regions resulted in hundreds of civilian deaths and the displacement of thousands of families in North Darfur.

Sudan has been mired by fighting between the army, led by Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, who is the head of the ruling Sovereign Council, and the RSF.

At least 13,900 people have been killed and more than eight million displaced in the conflict that started in April 2023, according to UN figures.

Several cease-fire agreements brokered by Saudi Arabia and US mediators have failed to end the violence.

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