Sudan is moving rapidly towards division, Sudanese Congress Party says

Deputy Chairman of the Sudanese Congress Party, Khalid Omer Yousif, commented on the statements made by the commander of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF), Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo.

Yousif stated on his X platform account on Thursday that the RSF commander’s speech is worrying, noting that Sudan appears to be rapidly heading towards division.

He also added that all forces desiring peace should unite to end the war through negotiations that preserve the unity of Sudan.

Furthermore, he emphasized, “We have said it repeatedly, the continuation of the war will turn it into a civil war that divides the country. Let us confront the schemes of the remnants. Sudan is at stake, and its salvation depends on an immediate cessation of the war and a move towards genuine and equitable peaceful solutions.”

Dagalo said in an audio recording posted on his account on the X platform on Thursday, “what happened on April 15 blocked the political process,” adding “We want to end the war in Sudan and establish a united professional army.”

Dagalo also mentioned that “attempts by Al-Burhan to claim false legitimacy will lead to the division of Sudan.”

“We must not allow the formation of a war government in Port Sudan,” Dagalo said.

“If a government is formed in eastern Sudan, we will proceed to establish real authority in our areas of control.”

Furthermore, he mentioned that “the RSF controls most of Khartoum State,” noting that “the army controls eastern Sudan and some northern areas.” He stated, “We can take control of Port Sudan today if we want to.”

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