Sudan receives cancer medicines from Qatar Charity

Several patients and healthcare professionals at the National Cancer Institute in the capital city of Al Jazeera state, Wad Medani, expressed their gratitude and appreciation for the support provided by the Qatar Charity in supplying life-saving cancer medications.

Qatari aid marks the first shipment of cancer drugs since the outbreak of the conflict in April of last year, facilitated through a dedicated air bridge to address the shortage of cancer and kidney failure medications.

The relevant health authorities at the National Cancer Institute have initiated the distribution of these medications to patients following a severe crisis and shortage of cancer medications that the government previously provided through medical supplies. Dr. Abdul Rahman Ali, the Medical Director of the National Cancer Institute at the University of Jazeera, stated that Qatar Charity’s contribution to cancer treatment in Sudan had a significant impact on helping cancer patients by providing medicines that filled a major gap in cancer treatment in Sudan during this period.

The institute’s Medical Director confirmed that they received all the medications and treatments provided by Qatar Charity for cancer patients. He noted that the institute was one of the most affected entities during the conflict, as it covered approximately 60% of cancer cases in Sudan and some neighbouring countries after the cancer centre in Khartoum ceased operations at the beginning of the war.

Dr. Walid Ibrahim, a pharmacist at the National Cancer Institute, highlighted the suffering of many patients during the medication shortage period. He explained that the pharmaceutical grant received from Qatar Charity had a significant impact in bridging the gap and alleviating suffering. He also noted that many cancer medications that arrived were previously supplied by medical sources but had stopped due to the war.

Furthermore, several cancer patients and their families expressed their appreciation for Qatar Charity’s provision of many medications, which eased their struggles in obtaining them through medical supplies. Health Minister Dr. Haitham Mohamed Ibrahim received the first shipment of cancer medications provided by Qatar Charity in August as part of a medical air bridge aimed at delivering 62 tons of cancer and kidney failure medications to Sudan.

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