Sudanese civilian coalition boycotts AU meeting over Jihadist inclusion

The Coordination of Civilian Democratic Forces “Taqqadum” has decided not to attend the African Union (AU) political dialogue in Addis Ababa, scheduled from July 10 to 15.

The coalition’s General Secretariat cited a lack of transparency and the inclusion of Jihadist elements from the banned National Congress Party (NCP) as reasons for their withdrawal.

Taqqadum statement highlighted concerns that the meeting is dominated by former regime elements and their associates, which it believes marginalizes forces advocating for peace and democratic transformation.

This, they argue, would legitimize the war rather than foster peace in Sudan.

Despite the AU’s commitment to an “all-inclusive Sudan political dialogue process,” including Jihadists opposed to a secular state and who undermined the former civilian-led transitional government, Taqqadum remains skeptical.

The coalition insists that any political process must be led by Sudanese people and include genuine consultations with all relevant parties. It should reflect a consensus on participants, agenda, stages, and timeline.

Contradictions in the AU’s communication further fueled Taqqadum’s concerns.

The AU’s letter mentioned consultations with warring parties but stressed the meeting’s focus on civilian forces. Meanwhile, the Democratic Bloc, including leader Mubarak Ardol, arrived in Addis Ababa to participate in the meeting.

On July 8, NCP figure Sana Hamad confirmed to Al-Jazeera TV that several Islamists received invitations to the AU-led process. Hamad stated that while they refuse direct dialogue with Taqqadum, they are open to collective efforts to end the war.

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