Sudanese community in Cairo: One million Sudanese entered Egypt after the war

Hussein Mohamed Osman, the head of the Sudanese community in Egypt, commented on the developments of the crisis in Sudan and Egypt’s hosting of Sudanese people.

Osman stated during a phone call on a program broadcasted on Al Hadath Today TV channel on Tuesday evening that “we express our gratitude to the Arab Republic of Egypt for its concern about the situation in Sudan”.

He noted that the Sudanese people are in a state of anxiety and distress due to the worsening conditions in Sudan.

He mentioned that the Sudanese people have been receiving full financial support on Egyptian soil from charitable organizations. He continued, “There is a sense of solidarity and donations from businessmen, considering that most of those who came to Egypt have improved financial circumstances, as most of their children work in Gulf countries and Europe.”

The head of the Sudanese community also highlighted that many Sudanese families are keen on going to Egypt, either for the purpose of having their children continue their education at various educational levels or, in some cases, to receive medical treatment and healthcare.

He indicated that the Sudanese community in Egypt has prepared to receive Sudanese arriving from Sudan, affirming that Egypt welcomes all Sudanese coming from Sudan.

He also noted that the number of Sudanese individuals in Egypt has reached around 4 million, and there are more than a million Sudanese who have come to Egypt following the escalation of the crisis in Sudan.

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