Sudan’s RSF captures capital of West Kordofan State El Fula

The Rapid Support Forces (RSF) announced on Thursday that they had captured El Fula, the capital of West Kordofan State, following the al-Burhan’s forces (SAF) withdrawal from its defensive positions and headquarters.

On Wednesday, the RSF had deployed significant military reinforcements to the outskirts of El Fula.

The following morning, they launched an attack on the army’s defensive positions, forcing a retreat.

In an evening statement, the RSF confirmed the capture of El Fula, stating that the move was necessary to counter the “increasing activity of the remnants of the defunct regime.”

RSF said there were heavy enemy casualties and they had seized of various military vehicles, weapons, and ammunition.

Following their takeover, the RSF established control over key locations, including the military garrison and the state government building.

Sudan has been mired by fighting between the army, led by Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, who is the head of the ruling Sovereign Council, and the RSF.

At least 13,900 people have been killed and more than eight million displaced in the conflict that started in April 2023, according to UN figures.

Several cease-fire agreements brokered by Saudi Arabia and US mediators have failed to end the violence.

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