Sudan’s RSF denies any connection to Wagner after CNN report

Sudan’s Rapid Support Forces (RSF) categorically denied the report published by the American news network CNN, which claimed that Ukraine had carried out drone attacks targeting them under the pretext of receiving support from the Russian military group Wagner.

In a statement, the Rapid Support Forces emphasised that the information from CNN is false and that they have no connection with the Wagner group.

They added that unnamed entities deliberately spread false and fabricated reports about the RSF receiving military support from Wagner, in an obvious attempt to link what is happening in Sudan with the agendas of other parties around the world.

The statement described the information from CNN as part of a systematic defamation campaign and targeting carried out by specific entities.

“The areas under the control of the RSF and their camps in the capital and states are well-known and open to all local and international media institutions. Any media organisation can access information and verify any claims,” the statement added.

A report published by CNN claimed that Ukrainian special forces likely carried out a series of attacks using drones in addition to a ground operation against the RSF in Sudan.

CNN stated that they obtained videos that reveal attacks carried out against the RSF that bear the hallmarks of the Ukrainian army.

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