Sudan’s RSF says army spreading misinformation on IDP camps

Sudan’s Rapid Support Forces on Sunday repeated its accusation that the army and allied mercenary groups are spreading misinformation about the IDP camps and using civilians as human shields to manipulate public perception.

RSF said it is confident that “slanderous statements from mercenary groups led by Minni Arko Minawi will not deceive the Sudanese people.”

People of Darfur are familiar with these “underhanded tactics” and have repeatedly rejected such attempts, RSF added.

“Minawi’s baseless accusations against the RSF are yet another desperate attempt by this faithless coward to regain credibility,” RSF said.

Arko Minawi, the current governor of Darfur and the leader of a faction within the armed group Sudanese Liberation Army, has been accused of acting as a mercenary in the conflict by various parties.

The RSF stated that its experience and strategic acumen will decisively dismantle the former regime, ending its reign of corruption, nepotism, and terror.

“Minawi and his murderous cronies will fail in their bidding. They have no future in Sudan,” RSF said.

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