Sudan’s RSF: Tamazuj allegiance further bolsters fight against SAF

The Rapid Support Forces (RSF) declared that the inclusion of the Third Front, also known as the Tamazuj Movement, would represent a significant shift in the course of the battle against the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF).

In a statement, the RSF said that the Tamazuj Movement’s recent decision to align with their forces further bolsters their fight against General Abdul Fattah Al-Burhan and his extremist backers linked to the former regime.

They further stated that individuals from the former dictatorship forced the country down the path of destruction and poverty for three decades and now seek to reclaim power under the helm of the SAF.

The RSF affirmed that the Tamazuj Movement’s decision to stand by their forces, alongside thousands of SAF members who made the same decision before them, bolsters their advantageous positions in this war against authoritarianism and extremism.

They pointed out their determination to forge a new state based on citizenship, equality, and respect for the diverse people of Sudan, who have faced injustice and marginalization for far too long.

“The decision of the SAF leadership to conspire with the former regime to usurp power in Sudan compelled us to put up fierce resistance. Our continuous victories against the SAF during this war clearly demonstrate the fruitlessness of their efforts to suppress the Sudanese people and their desire for freedom, justice, and equality.” said the RSF in their statement.

Earlier, the Tamazuj Movement announced its forces’ joining of the RSF, effectively withdrawing from the Forces of Freedom and Change – Democratic Bloc (FFC-DB), which had provided political support to Al-Burhan before the outbreak of the war.

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