US allocates $315M more aid for Sudan

The United States is committing over $315 million in additional humanitarian aid to Sudan, addressing the country’s severe humanitarian crisis, announced Samantha Power, Administrator of USAID. Emphasizing the aid’s critical role in saving lives, Power called on Sudan’s warring factions to allow unhindered delivery of humanitarian aid to those in need.

“It is obstruction, not insufficient stocks of food, that is the driving force behind the historic and deadly levels of starvation in Sudan. That has to change immediately,” she said.

The statement stressed the need for Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and Rapid Support Forces (RSF) to honor their commitments to facilitate humanitarian deliveries.

USAID underscored the urgency for cross-line and cross-border movements to Adre, Chad, to address famine-like conditions affecting millions.

The US government also committed to ramping up support for humanitarian partners to ensure uninterrupted delivery of life-saving aid, emphasizing both market-based and direct support approaches.

In conclusion, the US reaffirmed its solidarity with the people of Sudan, urging the RSF and SAF to adhere to international humanitarian laws and return to negotiations to end the protracted conflict causing immense suffering.

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