Africa dominates list of neglected displacement crises — report

The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) released its annual report on Monday, highlighting the dire situation of displaced people around the world. Nine out of the ten “most neglected” displacement crises are in Africa, raising concerns about dwindling international attention and funding.

Burkina Faso, grappling with internal conflict for years, retains the top spot on the list for the second year running. The West African nation has witnessed a significant increase in displacement, with over 700,000 forced to move last year alone. However, limited media access and a junta-led government have contributed to a decline in international awareness.

Cameroon follows closely with nearly 1.1 million internally displaced and half a million refugees. The Democratic Republic of Congo, facing multiple emergencies, occupies the third position. Honduras, the only non-African nation in the top ten, struggles with gang violence and organized crime.

The NRC compiles this list based on factors like international political will, media coverage, and humanitarian funding received by these crises. The report emphasizes a worsening situation in the Sahel region, where military coups have severed ties with Western partners and hindered aid efforts.

Jan Egeland, NRC Secretary-General, expressed deep concern over the “utter neglect” of displaced people and the lack of international response. He criticized both local leaders for disregarding the suffering they cause and the international community for remaining unfazed by staggering displacement numbers.

Furthermore, the report reveals a significant funding gap of $32 billion between humanitarian appeals and actual aid received. This shortfall translates to a staggering 57% of unmet needs.

The NRC’s report underscores the urgent need for increased international attention and resources towards these neglected displacement crises. Only through collaborative efforts can the suffering of millions be alleviated and long-term solutions be found.pen_sparktuneshare

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