African media calls on Niger to uphold press freedom

A group of African media personalities issued a plea on Friday urging the newly established military regime in Niger to uphold press freedoms following a sequence of events.

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) orchestrated the petition, which involved around 80 individuals, including media proprietors from French-speaking Africa.

“We ask the junta to respect the right to information, to pluralism and media independence,” said the statement.

The appeal implored the Niamey regime to actively promote the security of both local and international journalists.

The petition references multiple occurrences following the July 26 coup, during which foreign and Nigerien journalists were subjected to targeting, intimidation, and threats at demonstrations.

RSF said that the evidence indicated a surge in assaults on press freedom since the coup took place.

Radio France Internationale and France 24 TV news broadcasts have been suspended in Niger since August 3rd.

Both services had previously been halted in neighboring Burkina Faso and Mali, both of which have also experienced coup d’etats.

The Friday petition was also directed to the other Sahel countries under military leadership.

“We remind them of their duty to respect the rights of journalists and particularly of access to information in the interest of the peoples of the Sahel,” it said.

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