Burkina Faso warns Niger could become another Libya

Burkina Faso’s Minister of State delivered a nearly 40-minute speech with great passion at the 78th session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) on Saturday, September 23rd.

As Minister of State Bassolma Bazié addressed the General Assembly, he paid tribute to the men and women who had inspired hope and dreams of a just and equitable world.

However, he swiftly emphasized that the world envisioned by these inspirational figures had never materialized.

He pointed out the annual cycle of speeches filled with promises and commitments, highlighting the stark contrast between these pledges and the realities on issues outlined in the UN Charter, such as justice, equality, dignity, integrity, the right to self-determination, state sovereignty, territorial inviolability, and respect for international law.

He cited examples of these disparities in Libya, the Sahel region (specifically Niger), and the Russia-Ukraine crisis.

Bazié warned that Niger could become a second Libya, strongly condemning the military intervention that preceded the death of late Libyan president Muammar Gaddafi, and stressed the need for intellectual honesty and historical reflection, calling for sincere apologies to the Libyan people.

ECOWAS, a regional body, had issued a threat of military intervention in Niger to reinstate Mohamed Baezoum following his deposition in the July 26th coup. Burkina Faso, neighboring Niger, had consistently opposed this move, as had Mali.

On September 23rd, during the 78th UNGA session, the Malian Foreign Affairs minister affirmed, “We will not remain passive” in the event of military intervention in Niger, signaling Mali’s stance on the matter.

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