Carnage in eastern DRC: 42 killed in IS-linked assault

At least 42 civilians were brutally killed in an overnight attack by suspected Islamic State-linked militants in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)’s Beni region, local authorities confirmed on Thursday.

Colonel Alain Kiwewa Mitela, a local official in Lubero territory where the attack occurred, reported finding 42 bodies.

This figure revises an earlier estimate of over 25 fatalities provided by another administrative official.

The latest killings bring the total number of civilians killed by rebels belonging to the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) to nearly 150 since the beginning of June, according to local authorities and civil society groups.

Originally a Ugandan rebel group, the ADF has operated in the eastern DRC since 1995.

Seba Paluku, a civil society leader who visited the attack site with soldiers, provided a harrowing account.

He confirmed finding 41 bodies, some “tied up” and “decapitated.” Paluku highlighted the logistical challenges in recovering the bodies due to the lack of accessible roads.

This attack is part of a larger surge in violence.

Between June 1st and 11th, the Islamic State group claimed responsibility for roughly 15 attacks on villages and roads near Beni, resulting in the deaths of 125 people, primarily civilians.

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