Kenyan police arrive in Haiti to lead security mission

On Tuesday, the first group of Kenyan police arrived in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, as part of a new security mission, disembarking a Kenya Airways plane armed and ready, according to witnesses who spoke to media.

The officers are tasked with leading efforts to combat rampant gang violence in Haiti, a country experiencing prolonged instability and a severe humanitarian crisis.

As the Kenyan police exited the plane at the capital’s airport, a small crowd of airport personnel greeted them on the tarmac.

Kenya volunteered in July to spearhead an international force aimed at curbing the latest surge of violence in Haiti, where gangs dominate much of Port-au-Prince, perpetrating widespread killings, kidnappings, and sexual violence.

However, the deployment has faced repeated delays due to court challenges and the worsening security situation in Haiti, which led to the resignation of the former prime minister in March.

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