Kenyan president confident in Haiti mission

Kenyan President William Ruto expressed confidence that a UN-backed mission to address gang violence in Haiti will proceed.

Kenya plans to send about 1,000 police officers to lead a multinational force in Haiti, with deployment expected in weeks. An advance team recently conducted reconnaissance work.

Ruto, speaking on X (formerly Twitter), stated his confidence in fulfilling the UN Security Council’s mandate, as outlined in Resolution 2699. He had previously indicated to the BBC that Kenyan forces would arrive in about three weeks.

The mission faces a legal challenge in Kenya from an opposition party claiming the deployment is unconstitutional.

Haiti has long struggled with poverty, instability, and natural disasters. The multinational force aims to support Haitian police against criminal gangs. Countries like Benin, The Bahamas, Bangladesh, Barbados, and Chad have also shown willingness to join. The United States is providing funding and logistical support, but not deploying troops.


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