Libya’s mayor arrested over devastating floods

In connection with the devastating floods that struck Derna, officials have confirmed the arrest of Mayor Abdulmenam al-Ghaithi.

The disaster claimed the lives of thousands in eastern Libya earlier this month, sparking public outrage.

Last week, irate Derna residents even went so far as to burn down the mayor’s residence in protest.

The attorney general’s office, headquartered in the capital city of Tripoli, announced on Monday that a criminal case had been initiated against several officials responsible for managing the country’s dam facilities.

Some of these officials, including Mr. al-Ghaithi, had already been detained prior to the trial, according to reports.

The attorney general’s statement outlined various failures by these officials, including the mismanagement of funds designated for dam maintenance, which ultimately led to the dam breaches and subsequent floods in Derna.

Additionally, the officials were accused of neglecting to take necessary precautions, resulting in flood-related deaths and economic losses for Libya.

Mr. al-Ghaithi faced further allegations of abusing his authority.

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