Morocco fire: Popular UNESCO site destroyed, casualties reported

A fire ripped through a bustling market in Fez’s UNESCO-listed old city on Wednesday evening, killing at least four people and injuring 26, according to Morocco’s state media agency MAP. 

The blaze caused significant damage to nearly 25 shops in the historic district, raising concerns about the preservation of the treasured landmark.

Firefighters battled the flames throughout the night, eventually containing the inferno. 

Ten individuals sustained burns, with three in critical condition. Initial investigations point towards a short circuit as the potential cause of the fire.

Fez’s ancient walled city, known as the Medina, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site spanning over 280 hectares.

Renowned for its intricate alleyways and well-preserved medieval architecture, it’s one of the best-preserved Islamic cities in the world and a major tourist attraction. 

The fire serves as a stark reminder of the vulnerability of these historic treasures and the need for robust fire safety measures in such densely packed areas.

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