Storm Daniel approaches Egypt after hitting Greece and Libya

Alexandria and the northwestern coastal areas in Egypt are currently experiencing a dust storm accompanied by reduced horizontal visibility as Storm Daniel approaches the Egyptian coast.

The Egyptian Meteorological Authority warned that the country will experience a state of weather instability in parts of the western regions for the next 72 hours.

Weather instability will be accompanied by varying degrees of rainfall and windy conditions, leading to the stirring of sand and dust in some areas in the northern part of the country.

The meteorological authority has pointed out that the country is being affected by the remnants of Storm Daniel, which struck Libya. The storm is expected to reach the western parts of the country, bringing with it rainfall.

Storm Daniel is a Mediterranean cyclone with hurricane-like characteristics, which formed in the Mediterranean Sea on 5 September 2023.

The storm made landfall in Libya over the weekend, prompting authorities to declare a state of extreme emergency, as at least 150 people were killed as a result of flooding and torrential rains. Last week, it killed a dozen people in Greece.

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