Turkish firm to launch housing projects in Africa

Turkish construction company Karmod on Wednesday announced plans to undertake large-scale housing projects in three African countries.

Preparations are in the final stages for new housing projects in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Gambia, and Tanzania, the company said in a statement.

“There are some developments in urbanization in southeastern and western African countries. The prefabricated housing model is gaining significant interest in the construction of new cities in these countries,” Karmod’s Foreign Trade Manager Ziya Yanik said, adding that the company had earlier completed a project involving 1,200 housing units in Congo.

The rapid installation advantage is driving the increasing demand for these prefabricated homes, which provides a significant convenience in quickly addressing the housing shortage in African countries, Yanik said.

“In 2019, we completed a 1,200-unit project in Congo in just nine months. Now, we will undertake an additional phase involving 200 housing units in Congo,” he said, noting that the company is in the final stages for the prefabricated housing projects in Tanzania and Gambia.

The new housing projects in Africa would utilize a lightweight steel prefabricated building system.

“This system offers significant advantages, including structural safety and longevity,” Yanik said.

The buildings also provide a variety of options for climate insulation applications.

“We will design the houses according to the different climate zones in African countries using the lightweight steel structure system,” he added.

The company will manufacture the houses at its facilities in Türkiye and the installation is completed in the destination country without any need for additional building materials.

“In other words, it eliminates the problem of material supply in the country where the project is being carried out,” he said.

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