Uganda refutes report of supporting M23 rebels in DRC

Uganda has strongly refuted accusations by a United Nations report alleging their involvement with the M23 rebel group in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

The report, commissioned by the UN Security Council, reportedly claims Ugandan intelligence officials are actively aiding the M23.

Deputy Defense Spokesman Deo Akiiki dismissed the claims as “laughable” and illogical.

He emphasized Uganda’s commitment to regional peace, highlighting their collaboration with DRC forces to stabilize eastern DRC.

Akiiki further pointed to ongoing “peace-building infrastructure projects” that have reportedly improved relations between the two nations.

This denial comes amidst a complicated situation. Uganda participated in a regional force deployed in November 2022 at the DRC government’s request to combat the M23.

However, the force’s mandate expired in late 2023, and Kinshasa opted not to renew it, leading to the withdrawal of Ugandan troops.

The M23, a re-emerged rebel group, has been active in the volatile eastern DRC, fueling tensions and violence.

The UN report’s accusations against Uganda add another layer of complexity to the ongoing challenges.

It remains to be seen if the DRC and Uganda will address these allegations and how it might impact their cooperation in tackling the M23 threat.

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