UN: At least 183 killed in clashes in Ethiopia’s Amhara

Tensions in the northern Ethiopian region escalated this year following the conclusion of a destructive conflict in the neighbouring Tigray region, involving fighters from the Amhara region.

UN Human Rights Office spokeswoman Marta Hurtado conveyed deep concern about the deteriorating human rights situation in certain parts of Ethiopia.

In the Amhara region, the situation significantly deteriorated due to escalated clashes between the Ethiopian military and the regional Fano militia, alongside the declaration of a state of emergency on August 4th.

In April, the federal government declared its intention to disband regional forces across the country. This decision led to protests by Amhara nationalists, who contended that it would diminish the strength of their region.

In early July, clashes erupted between the national army and local fighters referred to as Fano, resulting in the declaration of a six-month state of emergency by the authorities in Addis Ababa on August 4th. This status grants the authorities extensive powers to apprehend suspects without requiring a court order, enforce curfews, and prohibit public gatherings, Hurtado said.

“Since early August, mass house-to-house searches have reportedly been taking place. We call on the authorities to stop mass arrests, ensure that any deprivation of liberty is judicially reviewed, and release those arbitrarily detained.” Additionally, she emphasized, “We call on all actors to stop killings, other violations and abuses.”

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