UN demands probe into Libya-Tunisia mass graves

The United Nations human rights chief, Volker Turk, expressed grave concern over reports of a new mass grave discovered in the Libyan desert bordering Tunisia.

This comes after the bodies of at least 65 migrants were unearthed in another mass grave in southwest Libya earlier this year.

Turk condemned the “widespread and unpunished” violations endured by migrants and refugees in Libya.

These abuses, he detailed, include human trafficking, torture, forced labor, and mass expulsions.

He urged Libyan authorities to promptly investigate these crimes and respond to inquiries from the U.N.

Details on the new mass grave remain unclear. While Turk refrained from elaborating, his office confirmed they are actively seeking official information from Libyan authorities.

In March, the International Organization for Migration reported the discovery of a mass grave containing 65 migrant bodies in the al-Jahriya valley, southwest Libya.

Libya’s Justice Minister, Halima Ibrahim Abdulrahman, defended her country’s human rights record, emphasizing their commitment to protecting refugees.

However, she did not directly address Turk’s allegations regarding the mass graves.

Both Libya and Tunisia are crucial partners for the European Union in controlling the flow of migrants across the Mediterranean Sea.

Previously, a U.N. fact-finding mission documented evidence suggesting crimes against humanity, including torture, committed against migrants in Libya.

Though the mission expired last year, Gambia has proposed continued U.N. assistance to enhance Libya’s human rights record.

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