Zambia kills stray lions, prompts school closures

Zambian authorities have taken action by euthanizing two stray lions in the western Zambezi region, which had sparked fear after killing 16 cows over a two-week period.

The lions, believed to have escaped from Kafue National Park, prompted concerns that led to plans to temporarily close nearby schools.

Residents expressed anxiety about leaving their homes due to the presence of the lions, which officials warned posed a potential threat to human safety despite only attacking livestock.

The decision to close schools was made as a precautionary measure to protect students from possible encounters with the lions.

Following intervention by police and wildlife authorities, the situation has eased, with local authorities confirming the lions’ removal and displaying their carcasses to a relieved community.

The incident highlighted ongoing challenges of human-wildlife conflict exacerbated by food scarcity during a drought affecting both animal and human populations in Zambia.

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