Tourbillon: Bugatti’s new $4 million hybrid supercar

Bugatti, the renowned supercar manufacturer, unveiled its first foray into the hybrid market on Thursday. 

The aptly named Tourbillon boasts a top speed exceeding 445 kilometers per hour (275 miles per hour) and a price tag that matches its performance – a cool $4 million.

The Tourbillon, currently in its testing phase, represents a unique blend of cutting-edge technology and opulent design. Its lightweight carbon fiber body incorporates 3D-printed components, housing a powerful hybrid powertrain. 

The system combines a newly developed 1,000-horsepower fuel engine with three electric motors, offering exhilarating acceleration alongside a hint of eco-friendliness. 

However, the electric-only range is limited to 60 kilometers, catering more to thrilling performance than extended emission-free driving.

This hybrid offering comes as a surprise to some industry watchers. Following Rimac’s acquisition of a significant stake in Bugatti in 2021, a full-electric model seemed imminent. 

However, Bugatti owner Mate Rimac revealed in May that their clientele, primarily super-wealthy individuals, have expressed a lack of interest in electric supercars.

The Tourbillon further deviates from the industry-wide trend of digital instrument clusters. Instead, drivers will be greeted by a traditional array of gauges – speedometer, rev counter, and others – housed in a luxurious casing crafted from titanium, sapphire, and rubies by Swiss watchmakers. 

This commitment to classic design elements reflects Bugatti’s dedication to an experience that transcends mere horsepower.

Production will be limited to 250 units, each hand-assembled at Bugatti’s Molsheim factory in France. 

With a starting price of 3.8 million euros (approximately $4.1 million), the Tourbillon is a statement piece for a select class of car collectors who prioritize both performance and opulent craftsmanship.

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