Palestinian death toll surpasses 37,800 amid latest Israeli attacks

224 Palestinians injured in Israeli attacks in last 24 hours, Health Ministry says

Ugandan president receives artifacts reclaimed from Cambridge

President Museveni received artifacts looted from Uganda during colonial rule from Cambridge University, marking a significant step in reclaiming the country’s cultural heritage.

Tourbillon: Bugatti’s new $4 million hybrid supercar

Bugatti introduces the Tourbillon, its first hybrid supercar boasting 1,800 horsepower, a 445 kph top speed, and a hefty $4 million price tag.

Haiti PM condemns killing of police officers in gang ambush

Haiti’s new prime minister on Monday condemned the gang-related killings of three police officers in a patrol ambush in the capital

El Nino worsens air pollution, raises death risk, study finds

Taking a breath can be deadly. Shocking new research links air pollution to 135 million early deaths globally.

Court fines MultiChoice Nigeria, orders free month for subscribers

A consumer lawsuit in Nigeria led to a fine for MultiChoice (DSTV, GOTV) and a free month for subscribers after the company ignored a court order on price increases.

Islamic centre in India issues fatwa to combat climate change

A prominent Islamic center in India issued a fatwa urging Muslims to conserve water and trees to combat climate change and the ongoing heatwave.

Southern Africa faces rise in elephant deaths due to drought

A severe drought linked to El Nino threatens mass elephant deaths in Southern Africa.

Over 300 demand Gilead share HIV drug for developing countries

Over 300 politicians, health experts, and celebrities urge Gilead to make the drug affordable in developing countries.

Mount Marapi erupts again in Indonesia volcano

Indonesia’s Mount Marapi volcano has erupted, causing ashfall and raising concerns about lahar.

Global study links human activity to 26 additional hot days

A new report finds climate change added 26 days of extreme heat globally in the past year, affecting 80% of the population and potentially causing hundreds of thousands of deaths.

Algerians revive ancestral game, marking spring

Played with wooden sticks and a ball, it signifies joy and welcomes the new season.

Microsoft announces AI-enhanced tablets & laptops

Microsoft introduces a new Surface Pro tablet and Surface Laptop with advanced AI chips and Windows 11 integration, promising faster performance and enhanced creativity.

Young Nigerian builds drone to help rural areas

A passionate young Nigerian who couldn’t afford higher education used his skills to build a drone.

Palestinian journalists win UNESCO press freedom prize

Palestinian journalists receive the UNESCO press freedom prize for their exceptional reporting on the Gaza conflict, showcasing their bravery and dedication amidst dangerous circumstances.

Looted treasures return to Ghana after decades-long fight

After decades, Ghana celebrates the return of looted treasures, including gold jewelry, a sword, and a royal chair.

UK archaeologists reveal face of ancient Neanderthal woman

Rethinking the “flower burial” theory at Shanidar Cave, archaeologists explore evidence of tradition and care for the disabled, challenging past perceptions.

Horsehead Nebula’s secrets revealed in detail by Webb telescope

Webb telescope takes us on a journey to the Horsehead Nebula, revealing hidden details through powerful infrared vision.

Iran pulls Egyptian medieval drama over history errors

Controversy erupts in Iran as authorities ban the Egyptian TV series “The Assassins.” The show, which tells the story of a historical figure, is accused of misrepresenting Iranian history and Islam.

Northern Philippines sizzles at record heat

Brutal heat engulfs the Philippines as the country grapples with a record-breaking heatwave.

Greece sees rise in organized racist attacks — UN

Attacks targeting migrants, refugees, and LGBT people in Greece have reached a 10-year high, according to a new report.

Emotional reaction to ‘Io Capitano’ screening in Senegal

Emotional response to “Io Capitano” screening in Senegal prompts reflection on the perils of illegal immigration.

Western Cameroon: New museum of Bamoun Kings

This grand opening celebrates the kingdom’s rich heritage and cultural practices, including the recently UNESCO-recognized Nguon festival.

Nigeria’s first meningitis vaccine rollout makes history

A major breakthrough in meningitis prevention! Nigeria launches a revolutionary vaccine offering broader protection than ever before.

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