Iraqi migrant murders Turkish principal in Istanbul

A principal of a high school in Turkey’s Istanbul was murdered in cold blood by an Iraqi migrant who had allegedly travelled to Turkey to escape war and persecution.

The criminal had been expelled from school 5 months ago for various disciplinary reasons, and has an extensive criminal record including weapon possession and assault.

Principal Ibrahim Oktugan was shot 5 times and lost his life later at a hospital.

Iraqi migrant after murdering Oktugan shared a video on his social media account, declaring “I shot him in the head.”

How a migrant, allegedly escaping war and persecution, was able to acquire weapons and carry out criminal activities in a host country with no fear of repercussions, was a hot topic on social media platforms with many Turks wondering why these illegal migrants and criminals have a James Bond like licence to kill.

Turkey is the world’s leading migrant hosting country, with millions of illegal Afghans, Iranians, Iraqis, Syrians and various others residing in the nation.

Government figures put the numbers at 4 million but these are outdated, real number of illegal migrants in the country is estimated to be over 12 million.

Migrants and refugees enjoy a variety of luxuries in Turkey, like free healthcare, payouts, free schooling, and opportunities not provided to tax paying Turkish citizens.

Latest murder of a principal in Turkey’s commercial and cultural capital has been met with shock by Turks, with many starting hashtags on social media demanding that government deports illegal migrants and criminals.

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